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Women's rights  
In Bangladesh, many women and girls still suffer from forced marriages during childhood (often they are not allowed to see their Parents nor brothers or sisters) - no school attendance -no medical treatment - no rights due to lacking marriage contracts - dowry - domestic violence - assassination attempts with acid - murder for dowry - Shallish - Kidnapping and forced prostitution or theft of organs abroad - rape.

In an exemplary way, the ASSB fights for womens' rights. The NGO was found by muslim women who control the organisation until today. The ASSB works for better education, health, and income opportunities and for a life without violence for women and girls.
Arranged marriages
Poor parents often have no choice than to marry their underage daughters (9 - 12 years) to elderly men.
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Domestic violence
In cases where domestic violence cannot be stopped and in in-human and discriminating divorce situations, the ASSB also collaborates with lawyers
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Marriage Contracts
The ASSB fights for marriage contracts for young women. A marrige contract prevents, that a husband can throw his wife out of the house claiming she is unmarried allowing him to keep his sons. In these cases, the woman and her daughters end up on the street without money, nor shelter nor food. .
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This woman lives on the road with her child. She has nothing but her Sari and her little girl.
International Women's Day
Every year in March, on the event of the International Women's Day, there are activities to call attention to women's achievements and to permanent contempt of women's and human rights.
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In Bangladesh, every sphere of life is tradionally pre dominated by men. That's why women and girls face major problems when they try to make their own decisions for their lives. They are expected to obey to orders and wishes of the male family members: fathers, brothers and uncles. Relegation from family or ostracism are of the more minor punishments for that. The ASSB does everything in their power to enforce the rights of women and girls.

  Meherun Nessa Chhabi: Commitment to Women's Rights

  Meherun Nessa Chhobi, Muslima herself, talks to Mullahs, community elders, pressure groups of men and women on the issue of rights and obligations of a couple. Sound knowledge of the Quran and intellectual Imams help to correct a misconceived exegesis.
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  About the life of Meherun Nessa Chhabi: I am Meherun Nessa   Chhabi. I was born on October 16, 1950 in Dinajpur town. We are   five sisters and two brothers... More Information?
In Workshops, she discusses and works on problems of domestic violence, of childhood marriages, and dowry up to divorce and second marriage.

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The Bengali Press Reports on Meherun Nessa Chhabi:
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