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Partnership with ASSB  
Partnership with ASSB arises by gahtering
Due to face to face contacts, appreciation and trust in each other's personal situation is enhanced. Again and again, mutual appreciation and friendship is a strong motivation to continue the struggle for a better, more united world.
German Visitor to Bangladesh
"Please come to Bangladesh": Our friends never miss an opportunity to invite us to discover their country. Whether as a visitor, a volunteer, or as a project partner, everyone is hailed with music and flower garlands. Hospitality is a celebration; everyone tries to honor the guest with delicious specialties which are not part of the usual menus. Too bad, however, that the guests are not really fond of hot chilies. Everyone tries to read desires from the visitors'eyes. Most of the guests don't speak Bangla so everyone tries to communicate in broken English.
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
The Staff is pleased with the visit of friends from Shanti
The chaotic traffic, the crowd of people and animals, sounds and colours are bewildering. And there it is: severe poverty. Children and women having hardly enough to eat, huts built from cardboard and tin erected like tents between the railroads. And then, support activities in the villages. We become acquainted with some of the families and the lifestyle in the villages without power supply or running water. We visit schools and women groups, accompany village development activists and medical teams. We take part in the womens' daily life and their successes from work on the projects.
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
Visit of a project: the Eickhoff couple and the Moyeen family
Bengali visitors in Germany
Foreign language, unfamiliar dishes and having to stay unescorted causes a feeling of uneasiness in our guests from Bangladesh. People from rural areas sometimes feel as if they were in a Science Fiction film: Hightech and machinery in households, warm showers and luxury bathrooms.
However, where are the servants? There is a road to every village, every house can be reached by car even if it is isolated. Many of them are decorated with flower pots. The Bengali visitors admire German timeliness, perfect organization, dependability, safety and economic wealth.
However, where is the time to laugh and celebrate, to chat and to play, to to put make-up on each others faces, to change clothes, to cook together, delight in being together and time for it. Thus, they sympathize with the loneliness of our aged and sick people, our children who cannot profit from extended families.
The stereotype of the paradise in Europe becomes relative. Nevertheless, they also experience friendship and respect for their activities in Bangladesh. They can convince themselves how people in Germany get involved with campaigns for people in Bangladesh, voluntarily and affectionately. Abar dekha hobe! See you again!
Abar dekha hobe! Got to see you soon!
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
Invitations of partner organizations
The partner organizations of ASSB regularly invite activists. In 2001, Ms Meherun Nessa Chobi was invited of the Marie-Schlei-Society to a conference at Bonn in order to give a lecture on women's rights in islamic countries. In 2005, Ms Minara Moyeen went to Berlin to the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. The topic was gender equality - 10 years after the World Women Conference in Bejing. Also the children welfare orginization invite every now and then to church congresses and public relation in schools, congregations and associations in order to introduce life and work in their project countries.
Usually, the activists of ASSB stay with friends of Shanti Partnership Bangladesh e.V. or of Bondhu Bangladesh e.V. where they get involvedwith european culture.

  First-Hand report of a volunteer who worked in Bangladesh

  Luise's report
  I just met Nancy. Immediately, she started to translate all sorts of things to Bangla. It was fun to watch her bustling. It is still very difficult to remember the words she wants to teach me or which I read in my book...
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Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
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Report Björn  
It is time to report about my stay. I am here now for about seven weeks and right from the start I was fascinated about Bangladesh. I enjoy every day. I come to understand that some of you are unable the leave the country behind and have to come back again and again...
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Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
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