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About Aloha Social Services Bangladesh (ASSB)  
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
About ASSB ?
Aloha Social Services Bangladesh (ASSB) is a politically independant non-profit organization, located in the North Eastern area of Bangladesh. In February 1999, the organization was founded by the five sisters and two brothers of the Bengali family of Meherun Nessa Chhabi and Minara Moyeen who dedicated their lives to support the deprived.
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
Mrs Meherun Nessa Chhabi and Ms Minara Moyeen in the demonstration garten of the Helth Center
ASSB contributes to a profound development which focusses on the people. Better living conditions for women and support and education of the children are crucial as they represent the future of the country.
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
Women with their children waiting patiently for treatment at the doctor's
Women support women
It's the ASSB's intention to find ways of improving and facilitating the life of women and girls in this region of Bangladesh. The ASSB's slogan "Women support women" means, of course, that the major part of the ASSB's work force consists of women as well as the leadership
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
Fighting discrimination: encouraging women and girls
In Bangladesh, nearly every sphere of life is dominated by men. Women and girls are discriminated in all fields, added by inadequate medicare, no access to education, traditional prejudices, and widespread poverty.
Therefore, health care, education, womens rights, and rural development, agriculture and nutrition are working fields of the ASSB.
The ASSB works in 30 villages at the region of Naogaon, which is struck hard by poverty and at the slums of the district's capital city Dinajpur, which consists of about 190.000 inhabitants.
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
First success stories after 5 years of ASSB's work
Nutrition and health of women and children have improved. Birth-rate has condierably declined. A lot of girls go to school, regularly. Violent treatment of women is no longer tolerated in society. Stoning of women does no longer happen in ASSB villages. Women are more self-confident and earn their own incomes.
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