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Rita and School
Eight year old Rita attends the 2nd form of ASSB. She has learned already how to read and write and she is proud of knowing some English sentences. Every day, she takes home her exercise books, although, at ASSB schools there is no homework. Next day, she is very excited and runs at her teacher. She shows her some mathematics exercises which she had invented and calculated at home. Even though not all of her answers are correct, the teacher is enthused, anyway.

Rita's parents are both illiterate and very proud of her daughter. In the following year, they intend to send Rita's little sister to the ASSB School, too. Being asked what she wants to be when she'll be grown up, Rita's self-evident answer is "teacher" same as that of so many of her class mates. Merely Rumi breaks ranks; she wants to be a police officer, which is still quite unusual for a Bengali girl. The boys among her class mates give her a grin. They prefer to work in an office. There are so many gorgeous and unknown things, e.g. computers.
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
Jahanara Begums Lucky Day
There is a long waiting queue, just like every Saturday, the day when the eye specialist practices at the health center. Among the attending people, there is Jahanara Begum. The old woman who doesn't know her year of birth is suffering from eye problems for quite a time, now. Her son, however, holds the opinion that doctors were too expensive and her eyes were not much of a problem. Many people in her village suffer from similar discomfort. Then, however Jahanara was told about the ASSB and she convinced one of her sons to bring her to the consultations. The doctor's diagnose is cataract and she receives an appointment for an operation the following month.

First-hand report by Karoline Heinzle
Her son, however, immediately asks for the cost. He is very relieved when he is told the comparatively low price. If demanded, the ASSB even covers another share of the cost. Thus, even Jahanara will be able to afford her operation. This day really is her lucky day
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
Karima Nasim and the Ducks
Karima is an unimpressive woman in a nagged sari. She was married when she was only 13 years old. Before her, her husband was married to another woman and he is 20 years older than her. Thus, in addition to her own three children she had to take care of another two children of her husband's first marriage. In the beginning, she suffered a lot from her mother in law. When they married, her husband was a trishaw driver, due to an injury, however, he couldn't continue. Now, he earns the money as a day laborer and they struggle for survival. As his income was not even sufficient to feed the children properly, Karima approached the ASSB in despair, two years ago. A micro credit enabled her to buy some ducks. Their eggs gain good prices in the local market. Meanwhile, the micro credit is already paid back.

With a second loan, she bought a goat. Her milk is a valuable contribution to the childrens' diet. She wants to continue with the ASSB's trainings in order to improve her situation, further. So far, she is not really satisfied. She needs a new roof for their house, maybe even one of corrugated sheets protecting them from leaking of water during the rainy seasons. Despite of all the problems, thanks to the ASSB, Karima has managed to rebuild hope. One of her children already attends the ASSB school.
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
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