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Was ist ASSB What ASSB means
Was bewegt ASSB About ASSB
  FrauenrechteWomen's rights
  Ländliche EntwicklungRural    development
  ErfolgsgeschichtenSuccess Stories
Bangladesch begeistert und verstöhrt Bangladesh inspires and agitates you
Partnerschaft mit ASSB Partnership
with ASSB
ASSB unterstützen Support ASSB
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How could you support the ASSB's work?  
Support SelfHelp
Many small donations for many young people can change all our world.
Tuition fee for a pupil per month
(incl. school dinner, writing material etc.)
8 Euro
Wage of a teacher per month
30 Euro
Mud hut
200 Euro
Pump well
80 Euro
47 Euro
1 kg rice
0,29 Euro
1 l milk
0,29 Euro
1 kg potatoes
0,21 Euro
1 cabbage
0,53 Euro
1 kg beef
1,33 Euro
1 chicken
1,47 Euro
Nurse per month
70 Euro
Appendix operation
66 Euro
Fishing net
60 Euro
Stocking fish (as long as a finger 5000 ea)
67 Euro
54 Euro
Sewing machine
67 Euro
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
This woman feeds her blind one year old grandchild with rice flour enriched water. the three year old grandchild is still fed by breast.
Financial Aid
Your donation can be sent via any of the below organizations to ASSB:
  • Partnership Shanti-Bangladesch e.V.
       Account no.:  7728684      
        Bank identification code: 60050101
        BIC/Swift-Code: SOLADEST IBAN :
        DE40 6005 0101 0007 728684

       LBBW Stuttgart

  • Children welfare organization "caroll singers"
        (Kindermissionswerk "Die Sternsinger")

       Caroll singer collections can be remitted by
       denoting the project: Projekt Aloha 63 R
       Konto-Nr.  299      BLZ 390 500 00
       Sparkasse Aachen,

  • Bondhu Bangladesh e.V.
       Account no.: 3334210      
        Bank identification code: 74061813

       Raiffeisen-Volksbank Rottal-Inn
  • Active Support
  • Gap year in support of ASSB
  • professional short term of specialists in
       support of ASSB
  • Introduction of ASSB to your community
  • Doing public relation work and helping in
  • Different activities and fund raising in schools,
       congregations and groups
  • Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch

      At present, who is a partner of the ASSB?

  • Partnerschaft Shanti-Bangladesch e.V. in
       cooperation with the ILD (international rural
       development association) They finance the
       rural development project in Naogaon. Part of
       the cost is covered by the ASSB itself (10 to
       15 %).
  • Children welfare organization "The carrol singers"
       They support education and medical care of
       women and children and offer disaster
       management, if required.
  • Bondhu Bangladesh Pfarrkirchen parish church
       support the Health care Center in Naogaon
       with personnel and funds.
  • Marie-Schlei-Association supported the
       education of women during the first years.
  • Rotary Bangladesh members regularly transfer
       donations on an account that covers for
       treatments at eye camps managed by the
  • Aloha Medical Mission Hawaii support medical
       treatment at the slums of Dinajpur

      In addition to these above mentioned organizations, we'd like to express our gratitude also to:

  • Familie Gustl Geissler and friends and the
       One World Club Altötting, they paid construction
       cost for a hospital and the running expenses
  • Elementary school Prienbach for support
       of pupils.
  • Sonnenblume Rinchnach for running expenses    and aid after floodings

  • Personnel of the hospital St. Josef Braunau GmbH
    for medicine technical equipment and donations
       for the health center in Naogaon and the
       ambulance at the slums of Dinajpur

      ...and to all friends and acquaintances in Germany and Austria

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