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  FrauenrechteWomen's rights
  Ländliche EntwicklungRural    development
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Bangladesch begeistert und verstöhrt Bangladesh inspires and agitates you
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Screening Examinations and Medical Support
ASSB helps preventing diseases in educating and advising people, in performance of screenings and in construction of pump wells and latrines.
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
The pump wells provide clean drinking water and due to the latrines, ponds, fields and lanes cease to be polluted. The equipment is given away to families at an adequate contribution to the expenses. Medical advisors visit villages and urban slums, regularly. In training courses, they were taught how to perform preventive examinations for pregnant women, for infants and for toddlers under the age of five. When they complete medical records, they instruct mothers on wholesome nutrition, hygiene and immunization schedules.
Local Medical Support
In Naogaon, a health care center was constructed enabling several local doctors to practice and to perform minor surgical procedures. For people in such a remote area, this is a great achievement. The nearest public hospital is several bus hours far away.
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
Hospital Room
Eye Camps
Upon regular eye camps, ophtalmologists from Dinajpur operate on amaurotic people. . By means of cataract operations and implantion of adequate lenses they regain their vison.
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
At the Eye-Camp
Medical Teams from Germany
Once a year, a German team of doctors arrives for a few weeks. They have to work nearly day and night to be able to cope with the visitor traffic and number of planned operations.
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Wanted: Medical Personal
It's the ASSB's dream to hire a male or female doctor for the Health Center, permanently and to be able to pay her or him. A nurse with a diploma could do basic and advanced training for health workers and nursing assistants. We are afraid, that short term personnel could be found, only, for this isolated area at the Indian border.
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
Caring attendance of an inpatient
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