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  • Aloha Social Services Bangladesh (ASSB)
  • Addresse:
       Ali Monjil, Balubari, Dinajpur-5200         
  • Telephone:
       Please ask via email for the phone-number
  • Contact Person:
       Mrs. Minara Begum, Director
       Mrs. Meherun Nessa Chhabi, Advisor
  • Legal Structure
       Registered with the following department of
       Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
       Registered with Social Welfare No.Din-1425/99
       Registered with NGO Affairs Bureau
       (Foreign Donation) No. 1532/2000
       Social Services Bangladesh (ASSB)
  • Aloha Social Services Bangladesh (ASSB)
    Represented by
  • Partnerschaft Shanti-Bangladesch e.V.
  • Christine Gruber
       Kagerbauer 1
       84359 Simbach
       Tel.: +49 (0)8571 - 4998
       Fax: +49 (0)8571 - 7320
  • Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
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