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Activities in the Slums of Dinajpur  
Due to sheer poverty or sometimes entrapped by the temptations of the cities, young people leave their villages and move to larger cities. Most of these people end up in slums. It's a tough battle for survival while they try to build their own existence. Many of them regret this decision bein unable to go back.

That's why the ASSB's main goal is to improve the living conditions in rural areas. Need and poverty in the villages are easier to cope with than the dehumanizing afflictions in the city slums.
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
Slum dwellings. These are people who had more success than those who have to live and sleep at the roads.
... into the slums of the Cities
However, by moaning, these people don't disappear. Only a few steps from the crowded shopping streets a glance behind the buildings reveals the low huts built from insulation foil along drainage trenches one at the other without water or power supply, without toilets just like a dog kennel without a window. filled with smoke from small fireplaces where women cook the provisional meals consisting usually from left over and waste.
Of course, it's the women and children who suffer most from lack of space and and illnesses due to the disastrous sanitary condition. Desperateness is a feeding ground for violence and crime.
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
Working in the Slum of Dinajpur
The ASSB nursery school builds good relationships to the pupils' parents. General health conditions are improved by advice to mothers and pupils, by immunization campaigns, by preventive examinations for pregnant women, for infants and toddlers, and by medical consultations. Usually, the slum is visited twice a month by a team of doctors, consisting of a general practitioner, an ophthalmologist, and a dentist.
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
A Queue for Medical Examinations
Adult Education
Adults are taught in reading, writing, calculating as well as in how to start a small business. Women learn sewing and tailoring, processing of food, basket making, and the processing of Jute fibers. The ASSB grants pertaining initial loans. The women sell their products on local markets. Due to their own incomes, they gain self confidence and social recognition.
Success Stories
Thus, in the slums, the ASSB has improved the conditions for women and children and has spread the seed of hope for a better life.
Entwicklungshilfe Bangladesch
With the ASSB's support, this family started a tailor shop.
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